10 Best Visio Alternatives for Diagramming and Flowcharts

Visio is a tool used in business and engineering to create diagrams. However, with the rise of other diagramming services such as PowerPoint there are alternatives that can provide the same level of functionality without spending money on Visio licenses.

The “free visio editor” is a program that allows users to create flowcharts, diagrams and other types of visuals. It is one of the 10 best alternatives for Visio.

10 Best Visio Alternatives for Diagramming and Flowcharts

One of the most extensively used software for producing flowcharts, diagramming, and other graphical presentation tools is Microsoft Visio. For many users, the seamless integration of Microsoft Office apps like PowerPoint has made it the go-to chart-making solution. Because Microsoft’s charting and diagramming application is already included in the Office suite, it’s a terrific price if you’ve previously bought Office.


If you haven’t chosen the Office Suite bundle from Microsoft, the single application pricing of the Visio software is much greater. Despite the fact that the application is great in all of its capabilities, customers who cannot afford it will seek for other Visio alternatives. 

The list below contains Visio alternatives for Windows and macOS platforms. Your search for the most popular options for free flowcharting or online-based diagramming apps has come to a conclusion. With the list, we’ll show you some of the most popular Visio alternatives.  

Alternatives to Microsoft Visio (2021)

1. Innovate

With its simple and easy-to-use user interface, Creately is currently the finest alternative to Visio. This is a great Visio replacement that has a one-click option for quickly creating flowcharts and diagrams. The application also comes with a variety of pre-loaded templates, pre-made lines, 60 shapes, and color options, making it a convenient solution for users. 


Apart from all of the useful sketching and flowchart-making tools, the application is much better for collaborating with your team by connecting with them. The program’s basic creation options are included in the free version, which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. Creately’s premium edition costs $5 per month or $49 per year, which is pretty reasonable when compared to the other Microsoft Visio alternatives on the list. 

2. A lucid diagram

Lucid Chart is a web-based program for making more accessible flowcharts and diagrams. The software runs well on any browser on any operating system. The tool is unusual in that it can open Visio files and connects to Google and Microsoft accounts, providing a seamless experience.


Users that join up for Lucid Chart have the distinct benefit of being able to resume their prior Visio projects without any issues. One of the program’s drawbacks is the inability to concurrently open three separate documents, which is a shame. Apart from that, this web-based free Visio replacement is the greatest solution for casual users who don’t mind minor restrictions during the free trial period. Even yet, it costs $7.95 to keep working on the premium edition of the application in the long run. 

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3. Draw.io is a web-based drawing application.

Draw.io is a web-based free program comparable to Lucid Draw for sketching shapes and constructing intuitive flowcharts with an executive touch. Diagrams, organizational charts, and process models are among the program’s other useful creation tools. The application also has complete cloud integration, allowing it to sync with Github, Google Docs, and Dropbox. 


The application has various diagram templates, as well as an icon collection, drag-and-drop capability, and the ability to monitor and recover modifications. The Draw.io application follows in the footsteps of Lucid Draw in terms of cooperation. It has a user-friendly interface that even novice users can utilize, giving it a viable alternative to Visio. 

4. Drawings on Google

Google has already created a name for itself in the Workspace market by providing free online programs that are comparable to Microsoft’s Office Suite. Anyone with a rudimentary understanding of the internet can now utilize Google Drawings. A user-friendly interface allows users to create simple flowcharts and diagrams. You may also quickly share the file with others or move it across Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets. 


Furthermore, by installing the Google Drawings extension from Chrome’s online store, you may utilize the program as an offline tool on any browser. Although not as capable as Microsoft’s product or other Visio rivals, the Drawings tool is a good start. The software comes with a fun assortment of templates and shapes that are great for quick and simple designs. 

ASCIIFlow is number five.

This web-based drawing tool may be used to create simple drawings and flowcharts with only a few clicks. ASCIIFlow is another another web-based tool that may be suggested as one of the finest Visio replacements. For starters, there is no need to join up for the application, which allows you to get started sketching right away without any setup.


The application may not be as strong or feature-rich as the other solutions on the list, but it does provide a wide range of possibilities. However, ASCIIFlow has certain fundamental features that will make a newbie feel more at ease, enabling for simple compositions. A cake approach on the app with a limited range of shapes is a major means of displaying your ideas in a diagrammatic way for generating. 

6. Draw in Open Office

Open Office Draw is a free, open-source drawing program for Windows. As a free alternative to Microsoft’s Visio, it runs on macOS and Linux. Sun Microsystems initially published the software, which is now owned by Apache, in 2002. With a large number of templates and shapes to choose from, the program can swiftly produce diagrams and flowcharts, making it a viable Visio competitor. 


Furthermore, with users taking full use of this free tool, there are no restrictions on any choice or function. Furthermore, since Office Draw employs the XML standard, the diagrams may be included into files of any type. The diagrams and flowcharts created in Visio may be readily altered in Office Draw, or the work can be resumed without difficulty.

7. Draw in LibreOffice

The LibreOffice Draw tool, like Open Office Draw, is an open-source alternative to Visio from the same Apache-owned company. The program is accessible for Windows, Linux, and macOS, allowing it to reach a wider audience. Aside from conventional sketching and flowchart creation, the program has a unique grouping capability.


The ability to group things on platforms aids in making various chart adjustments and even provides an advantage in linking with other groups. The Draw may also be used as a PDF editor, as well as to make diagrams and flowcharts, as well as to produce pictures for productivity monitoring and vector graphics editing. 

Edraw Max (version 8) 

Edraw Max is a Visio replacement that has the same user interface as Microsoft’s drawing program. The application is one of the most widely used data visualization tools for building outstanding flowcharts and diagrams that can be shared with anybody. The application also comes with a plethora of features and pre-loaded templates for a simple workflow. 


The program comes with up to 280+ pre-loaded templates and symbols, which may be used to offer clear signals for data on a flow chart. Furthermore, Edraw Max’s compatibility with Visio files is a welcome feature that allows you to alter a file and then export it back. The application is available for Windows, Linux, and macOS, and costs $99 for a one-year license and $258 for a lifetime license. 

9. Moqups

Moqups is well-known for its wireframe and prototype creation capabilities, but it also excels at producing diagrams, flowcharts, and graphs. The application’s user interface is highly complex, with numerous functions spaced out for better access. Moqups offers a variety of innovative drag-and-drop methods for building flowcharts and UML diagrams.


The program may be seen of as a viable alternative to Visio, which comes with a built-in library of over 1000 popular icon packs. Additionally, the software contains collaborative capabilities that enable you to share your work while editing without having to close the application. With the wireframing and diagramming features, the application might be a great value for $23 per month or $16 per year.

GraphViz (GraphViz) (GraphViz) (Graph

GraphViz is one of the oldest pieces of software in the collection, having been launched 30 years ago in 1991. The program is an open-source platform that creates structure diagrams of abstract graphs and networks. For technical users, the platform also includes web design, machine learning, bioinformatics, software engineering, and database applications. 


The key feature of this classic program is that it supports numerous formats and employs a simple text language for graph descriptions. The program utilizes PDFs for documents, photos, and web pages, and SVG for web pages. In the long run, this program may be a Visio replacement that employs a command-line application and the powerful DOT language for speedy decision-making. 

Alternatives to Visio for Diagramming and Flowcharts

These were the top ten free and finest Visio alternatives on the internet for creating various forms of visualization charts and more.

All of the following apps are cross-platform compatible, and they even allow you to modify Visio files at any time. Edraw Max, which has a very similar UI and functionality to Microsoft’s application, is our pick for the best Visio replacement.

Visio is an application that allows users to create diagrams and flowcharts. However, there are many alternatives for this tool. Here are 10 of the best alternatives. Reference: visio alternative open source.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free alternative to Visio?

A: The best free alternative to Visio is Google Drawing, which can be found on the Web. However, this software does not allow for as much customization and features that Visio has.

Does Google have anything like Visio?

A: Visio has been discontinued and no longer available for purchase.

Is Visio good for flowcharts?

A: Visio is a drawing program for creating flowcharts. Flowcharting software can be used to create and edit diagrams that depict the order of actions in processes, business operations, scientific experiments or social interactions

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