7 Effective Ways To Fix It

There are many ways to fix a problem, but sometimes there is only one solution. Here are 7 effective ways to fix it.

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Instagram is a fantastic program that runs swiftly and without errors. However, users have reported seeing error messages on their Android phones such as “Instagram app keeps crashing” or “Instagram has stopped.”

There isn’t a single smartphone user who does not have Instagram loaded. After all, it is one of the most widely used social networking platforms.

Many people have experienced this problem. However, there is no need to be concerned since the problem may be simply resolved.

You’ve come to the correct spot if your Instagram app keeps crashing on Android and you’re looking for a solution. In this article, we’ll go through some of the most successful ways for resolving the problem.

Why is Instagram always crashing?

The Instagram app may be crashing for a variety of reasons. Knowing what’s causing the issue may help you take the proper steps to solve it.

The following are some of the most frequent causes:

  • Issues with the server
  • Mobile data connection is unreliable.
  • There is a cache issue.
  • Problems with the network
  • Wi-Fi issues
  • Instagram has bugs.
  • There are a lot of applications that are operating in the background.¬†
  • The Instagram app isn’t up to date.

How can I repair the Instagram app on Android that keeps crashing?

You may attempt a variety of ways to resolve this Instagram issue. In this part, we’ll go through some of the most popular techniques you may use. These techniques are straightforward and simple to implement.


Method 1: Turn off and on your Android phone.

You should restart your Android phone if you get an error message or a problem like this. Many problems may be resolved with a simple restart. This technique works not just for the Instagram app, but for any other program that keeps crashing.

This is one of the simplest methods for resolving any problems or malfunctions. The background applications will be closed when you restart your phone. Check if your Instagram app is functioning after restarting your smartphone. If the issue persists, you should go to the next procedure.


Method 2: Delete the cache on Instagram.

If restarting your phone does not resolve the problem, you should delete Instagram’s data and cache.

  • Go to your phone’s settings first.
  • Now look for the Instagram app and open it.
  • After that, choose the option to Clear Cache.
  • After you’ve completed the previous step, repeat the procedure to delete the app’s data.

The problem that was causing your Instagram app to crash should now be resolved.


Method 3: Make sure your Instagram app is up to date.

This issue may occur if you are using an older or out-of-date version of the Instagram app. If this is the case, you must update your app right away.

Go to the Google Play store and see if there are any app upgrades available. Click the update option next to the Instagram app if you see it. Now you must wait for the updated version to be installed. It should work smoothly after you have the newest version of the app loaded on your device.


Restart your Instagram app (method 4)

Restarting your Instagram app is another option. You should be aware that this is just a temporary solution, but it may still be sufficient to resolve the issue.

  • Go to your phone first. Settings
  • After that, go to Apps.
  • Now choose Instagram from the list of available applications.
  • Select “Force Close” from the drop-down menu. This will bring the app to a halt in the background. Even when you swipe it shut, it sometimes continues to run in the background.

Reopen the app after some time has passed. This should fix the issue, but just for the time being.

Method 5: Log out and log back in

If you still can’t fix the problem, just sign out of the app and then sign back in. This should undoubtedly assist you in resolving the problem. But don’t sign in right away.

After you’ve signed out of the app, restart your device, and then log back in.


Check whether the Instagram server is down (method 6).

When the Instagram server is offline, this error may occur. You won’t be able to do anything in such situation. It’s possible that no matter what remedy you attempt, it won’t work.

You may verify whether the Instagram server is down by going to this website: DownDetector.


Method 7: Download and install the Instagram Mod Apk App.

If nothing else seems to work, just log out of Instagram and delete the program. Install the mod apk version of the app after restarting your device. This should fix the problem.

You may add an infinite number of followers to your Instagram account by utilizing the Instagram mod apk. You’ll also be able to view any private account’s photos and information.

You may also opt to reset your smartphone to factory settings. However, you will lose all of your data and other applications in this scenario. As a result, we do not advise using this technique. You will not lose any data if you use the mod apk version.

Instagram’s incessant crashing is a frequent issue. So you’re not the only one who’s dealing with it. You should be able to fix the problem by using one of these techniques. It’s possible that you’ll have to try a few different approaches to get the issue to go away.

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