Sling TV Launches "Stay in & Sling” to Help with Coronavirus but Unclear What’s New

The “sling tv customer service” is a new feature that will be available to all Sling TV customers. The company has yet to release what this new feature entails, but it’s likely to help with the Coronavirus outbreak.

Sling TV has announced it will launch a new service that is designed “to help you avoid the worst-case scenario of catching and spreading” the Coronavirus.
The company says they are launching “Stay in & Sling,” which offers an option to continue watching content when your internet connection drops, but what’s actually changing? Let’s take a closer look at what we know so far..

Sling TV has developed a new “Stay in & Sling” experience to provide people confined at home during the coronavirus epidemic access to some free programming.


Sling TV currently provides a free service that allows users to watch a limited amount of material without requiring a subscription or even a free account. While the service seems to be marketing this as a free tier extension, it’s unclear what precisely is accessible that wasn’t before.

The press release, for example, mentions how Americans may get live news for free owing to the ABC News Live channel’s availability. However, since the channel was introduced to the Sling Free experience at the beginning of February, it was already accessible for free on Sling TV. Sling claims that customers may access “thousands of episodes and movies for the entire family” for free at home, regardless of what’s new.


In general, how can I get free Sling content?

While it’s unclear how much additional material has been introduced, as previously said, Sling currently provides a free experience for those who want it. One of the most appealing aspects of this side of Sling TV is that there is no requirement for an account or a subscription.

Instead, consumers may simply download and launch the Sling TV software on a suitable device, then enjoy the service in guest mode. While in this mode, the interface will emphasize many of the free programs and movies (or live channels, if appropriate) available, making them easier to locate and use.

It’s important to note that the Sling Free experience is only one of many free services available to COVID-19 outbreak victims. Xumo and Pluto TV are two more worth checking out if you’re looking for live TV channels. And then there’s Tubi. This latter service, which was recently bought by Fox, provides free access to a large choice of TV series and movies.

Xumo, Pluto TV, and Tubi, like Sling Free, do not need an active subscription, and in most instances, not even a free account. Although signing up for a free account with certain sites might be helpful since it unlocks extra features such as a watch list – which will be useful if you expect to use these services more if the coronavirus epidemic develops.

Sling is the source.


Sling TV has launched a new feature called “Stay in & Sling” to help with the Coronavirus. The company is not clear on what’s new about this feature, but it appears that it will allow users to watch more than one show at once. Reference: sling tv login.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Sling get more channels?

A: The answer is no. As of now, Sling TV has a total of 41 channels including ESPN and AMC.

Is Sling TV losing customers?

A: Sling TV is not losing customers, there are just fewer people signing up for the service. The number of subscribers has been increasing every month since it was introduced.

What is new with sling?

A: Sling announced on May 3, 2019 that they would be adding new features such as the ability to watch live TV.

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