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Facebook has been the leader in social media for years, but it is starting to show its age. It’s become too easy for advertisers and users alike to get caught up in the same old routine of posting status updates, commenting on posts, and liking other people’s content.

The other social media apps besides facebook are a few alternatives to Facebook. They have been ranked from best to worst based on number of users, features, and popularity.

Facebook has lately been criticized for its privacy practices. The information that has been released from it is believed to be utilized to motivate and influence a particular target audience for specific politicians.

They’re also battling a whistleblower who says Facebook was engaged in the Capitol Riots, and a number of employees are quitting the business because of Mark Zuckerberg’s management style, which is allegedly “making their life miserable.”

Facebook has lost the trust that it previously had with its users, and when they discover the right Facebook alternatives, they will leave it sooner or later. That’s just what we’ve done for you.

The websites and social media accounts mentioned below may serve as a replacement for Facebook, and some of you may already be utilizing the bulk of them to socialize and communicate with your friends.

Alternatives to Facebook on a list

Name Best For Our Opinion Website
Instagram Reels & Images 4/5
Snapchat Privacy, narrative, chatting, and meeting new people 4/5
LinkedIn Jobs & Business  3.5/5
Twitter Thinking aloud 3.5/5
YouTube Videos 4/5
TikTok Videos with a short runtime 3/5
Clubhouse Paying attention to others 3.5/5

Instagram is number one. 


Yes, I understand that Instagram is owned by Facebook, but it is regarded as the better app in terms of app use and privacy. You have no control over the data Facebook gathers from the app, although you may limit it to a limited degree.

Instagram’s popularity skyrocketed in 2017-18, when they added the ‘Stories’ feature to their platform and fully redesigned their app with a new style, logo, and user interface. The app hasn’t looked back since then, and it currently houses the biggest superstars and everyone you know and love.

Instagram’s Features

  • Insta Reels is a social media platform that allows you to share
  • Photos and videos may be edited in a variety of ways.
  • IGTV
  • Collaboration with a variety of companies

Instagram’s Benefits and Drawbacks

Pros Cons
Both the laptop and the phone have a great user interface. Facebook is the parent company.
Reels and Posts provide organic reach.  
Right present, the most popular social networking app is  

Instagram comment

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, with a strong community and a user interface that is simple to use. When it comes to sharing their work, many influencers and those just starting out in the media choose Reels.

If you’re an Instagram user looking for Instagram alternatives, we’ve put together the perfect list for you.

Instagram’s rating system

Instagram receives a 4/5 star rating. 

2. Using Snapchat


When it comes to communicating with your pals, Snapchat is a popular favorite. It has been in the social media race since 2011 and has now established itself as one of the finest social media platforms available. 

Snapchat’s staff was constantly on top of the latest trends and incorporated them into their app to keep it current and offer its users what they wanted. Snapchat offers some of the most unusual features, like the ability to play online games with your friends and the spotlight function, which allows you to share and enjoy other people’s tales. 

Snapchat’s features

  • Using images to communicate 
  • Several augmentiation filters are available. 
  • Having fun with pals while playing online games
  • Streaks

Snapchat’s Benefits and Drawbacks

Pros Cons
There are many lenses and features available. For the snaps, there aren’t enough analytics.
There is an app that allows you to change your voice. In terms of substance, there isn’t much to engage with.
Neither Facebook nor any other digital behemoth owns it.   
Messages that vanish  

a Snapchat review

Snapchat is a fantastic app that is not owned by Facebook and serves as a viable Facebook substitute. It features a fun app that is simple to use and works on both iOS and Android. They have proved time and time again that they will keep up with whatever is going on in the globe. 

Although, if you aren’t a huge lover of Snapchat, there are a few options you may check out.

Snapchat Ratings

Snapchat has a four-star rating. 

3. Make use of LinkedIn.


LinkedIn is a professional networking software that is mostly used to locate and apply for employment. It’s a Facebook-like app, but only if you speak about your job and accomplishments. It’s an app where different businesses post job openings and individuals can browse through them to find something that suits them.

LinkedIn also offers a Position Alert function that will notify you anytime a new business in your field of expertise publishes a job. In the professional world, LinkedIn is highly regarded, and LinkedIn profiles are sometimes scrutinized by recruiters when making hiring decisions.

LinkedIn’s Features

  • Notifications of new positions
  • Creating a network
  • Facebook and Google are also integrated. 

LinkedIn’s Benefits and Drawbacks 

Pros Cons
Obtaining resumes for jobs and internships There are no reels or amusing posts.
Profiles of businesses Professional in every way 
Facebook and Google have merged.   

LinkedIn feedback

LinkedIn is a business Facebook alternative where you may possibly get your ideal job, and they’ve been doing it for years and will continue to do so in the future. They don’t fancy themselves by including filters, video editing tools, statistics, and other features seen in applications like Facebook, which may be a turnoff for some.

LinkedIn’s rating system

LinkedIn has a 3.5/5 star rating. 

Twitter is number four.


Twitter is another famous social networking platform that has grown in popularity since its launch in 2015. It’s a pretty basic app/website where users just submit their ideas and pictures in a restricted number of words. That is what distinguishes Twitter from other social media platforms.

Unlike Facebook, where you may write as many paragraphs as you like, Twitter does not allow you to do so. You have 280 characters to express anything you want. This distinguishes subjects and makes them contentious since no one can express their point of view in 280 words, and as a result, people misunderstand the opposing side’s argument.

Twitter is also very good in terms of privacy and ads because they don’t show you regular ads but instead promote other people’s Twitter handles, similar to how YouTube recommends other people’s Twitter handles, and their policies are very different from Facebook, where people can show and do whatever they want.

Twitter’s Features

  • Putting together a tweet
  • Text hyperlinks
  • Tweets in audio format

Twitter’s Benefits and Drawbacks

Pros Cons
Privacy regulations that work Nature’s toxin
Policies are less stringent than those of Facebook. There are no reels to upload. 
Simple to use   

a Twitter review

Twitter is a major Facebook rival because it allows people to express what they are thinking in real time and provides a fantastic platform for sharing ideas and opinions. The 280-character restriction, however, may render the site poisonous and unsuitable for a younger readership.

Nonetheless, it’s a fantastic app with a slew of celebrities and ministers, as well as real-time news. With its hashtags, Twitter is also utilized a lot to bring about change in the world or to make the general public aware of a problem, and it has shown time and time again to be a wonderful useful social media network when used correctly.

Twitter Ratings

Twitter receives a 3.5/5 star rating. 

YouTube is number five.


Right present, YouTube is the world’s largest and most popular free video streaming network. There is no other website on the internet that compares to YouTube. You can play it for hours on end and never get tired.

YouTube is so popular that they had to include a’sleep mode’ to its app, which tells users to stop watching YouTube and go to bed since it is late in the day. When YouTube originally launched in 2005, it was a huge risk, but it has now evolved into a well-refined money-making tool that appeals to both consumers and investors. 

YouTube’s features

  • YouTube Video Clips
  • Various videos covering a variety of subjects
  • Videos in 8K resolution are available.
  • Live on YouTube

YouTube’s Benefits and Drawbacks

Pros Cons
This is a very popular application. Many Ads
With an infinite amount of uploads, it’s completely free to use.  It may be very distracting.
There are many videos of various types.  Its inventors have been treated unfairly.

YouTube video review

YouTube is something that we all utilize. However, it may be time consuming and downright annoying at times. How many times have you simply opened the app at random and viewed a random video that the Algorithm suggested? 

YouTube has been chastised for treating its content producers unfairly for a variety of reasons, including disparities in compensation across nations, an overabundance of stringent rules, a bias toward individuals in the entertainment sector, and so on.

But it is a place of nonstop pleasure for us, the customers, where individuals may also become viral. I doubt you’d be dissatisfied with YouTube, but we’ve included a list of the top YouTube alternatives for you to consider.

YouTube Ratings

YouTube receives a 4/5 star rating. 

6. TikTok


In terms of watch hours, organic reach, and popularity, TikTok outperforms all other social media apps. TikTok was launched in 2016 and has a monthly user base of 1 billion people in only 5 years! Every every month, 1/8th of the whole world’s population views TikTok!

It’s renowned for brief video material that goes viral quickly on the internet and a variety of video editing techniques. Because of its ‘trends,’ TikTok now has the music business on its fingers, as it helps songs go viral.

TikTok has grown to the point that it can now sponsor events, music videos, festivals, and more! However, they are not without flaws. TikTok is owned by a Chinese firm called Byte Dance, which has a history of privacy problems, which is why TikTok has been banned in five countries thus far.

TikTok’s Features

  • Videos with a short runtime
  • Organic reach in a flash
  • Various methods for editing
  • Free of charge

TikTok’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros Cons
Virality potential is high. Concerns about privacy
It is completely free to use  Content that makes you cringe 
  Payment issues 

TikTok video review

There have been a number of applications similar to TikTok that have come and gone, but TikTok seems to be here to stay. However, with a payment system that isn’t as fair as YouTube’s plus the fact that it is prohibited in many places, its long-term viability seems to be in doubt.

But, for the time being, it’s taking the social media world by storm, and we should ride it out before it passes us by. Tiktok has grown in popularity, but there are worries about its privacy, therefore we’ve compiled a list of the top applications that are similar to Tiktok. 

TikTok’s rating system 

TikTok has a 3/5 star rating. 

Clubhouse No. 7


Clubhouse, a social audio app, offers a fresh approach to social media participation. Clubhouse functions similarly to a conference call in which a listener may join the call and listen to the host of that specific room.

It is a relatively new software that was released in April of last year and got popular in January of the following year. It’s a new method of connecting with others and listening to those who have similar interests.

Clubhouse features

  • Create your own room to host.
  • Join other rooms and listen to individuals who share your interests.
  • Make friends and have a conversation.

Clubhouse’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros Cons
Pay attention to individuals who share your viewpoint. This isn’t a visual app. 
Enjoy yourself and meet new people.  Very new 
  This algorithm isn’t very good.  

Clubhouse’s review

Clubhouse is a very new social networking software, and it does feature a number of flaws and problems, many of which stem from years of experience and feedback, which the app presently lacks. It is not for everyone, since many individuals lack the attention span to sit and listen to others for hours on end.

Clubhouse is the polar opposite of TikTok, which feeds you instant visual, short-form quick videos, whereas TikTok is more relaxed and allows you to join a room to hear people talk and connect with them.

Clubhouse’s rating

Clubhouse has a 3.5/5 star rating. 

Last but not least, 

Facebook is no longer the same as it was between 2011 and 2017. It’s changed a lot, and the business is now always being investigated for one reason or another. Even their servers are often down these days, which includes Instagram and WhatsApp. They’ve gone astray, but the alternate names listed above haven’t. 

Although some are still finding their stride, they are nevertheless a popular choice among many people and should be given a chance since they appeal to a wide audience and deliver on their promises.

The Facebook alternative for adults is a social media platform that many people are looking into. Geekymint has listed the top 7 best Facebook alternatives to boost your social media presence. Reference: facebook alternative for adults.

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