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Are you searching for a robust and strong file cabinet with enough drawers to keep everything you need in your office?

Then continue reading!

The best-rated 2-drawer metal file cabinets are included in this evaluation. Learn more about their construction quality, storage capacity, security measures, and other characteristics. Also, towards the conclusion of this review, we’ll provide you some pointers on how to make a good buy.

10 Best Metal File Cabinets with 2 Drawers


Metal Filing Cabinet Hon

Reinforced Construction Hon is a high-end manufacturer of a filing cabinet of professional qualitys. This tall file cabinet is made of solid steel and includes vertical reinforcing for further security. In addition, a front kickplate with two walls protects your stored things from damage and collisions.


Holders for labels The dimensions of this 2-drawer black metal file cabinet are 35.7″ H x 28.8″ D x 17.7″ W. A lifetime guarantee is provided by the manufacturer. Hon has been thoroughly tested and fulfills ANSI/BIFMA performance requirements. Hanging file folders are stored in two drawers on the upper side. File identification will be aided by built-in label holders.

Points to Consider:

  • commercial-grade file cabinet
  • structure made of solid steel
  • double-walled front kickplate
  • Guaranteed for life
  • satisfies quality requirements
  • two high-side drawers


Bonnlo Lateral File Cabinet with 2 Drawers

Warranty of one year Bonnlo is a white lateral file cabinet with a trendy design. Following the given instructions for assembly is essential. This file cabinet may need the assistance of two or three individuals to construct. A one-year warranty is included with Bonnlo. The product’s measurements are 35.5″ wide, 17.7″ deep, and 28.7″ tall.


Metal Bars for Hanging Two roomy file drawers with adjustable metal hanging bars for letter-size and legal-size file folders are included in this lateral metal file cabinet. Smooth drawer performance is ensured by full-extension ball bearing slides. The interlock prevents tilting and the central lock locks both drawers with one key.

Points to Consider:

  • white file cabinet with style
  • assembly is required
  • A one-year warranty is included.
  • there are two large drawers
  • There are hanging bars incorporated.
  • a single-keyed central lock
  • method of safety interlock


Black File Cabinet in a Modern Luxe Style

Construction of High Quality Modern Luxe is a high-capacity file system. It’s great for usage in the workplace. Durability and sturdiness are ensured by the large powder-coated steel structure with steel inside. Aluminum alloy is used for the drawer handles. It measures 28.3″ H x 35.4″ W x 17.7″ D in total. Before placing an order, make sure you know how much room you have.


Drawers with full extension Full-extension ball-bearing slides are used in these two drawers. You can simply access the information you’ve saved. Put letter- and legal-size file folders in the drawers. Only one drawer may be opened at a time due to the safety interlocking system. This stops the stainless steel file cabinet from toppling over.

Points to Consider:

  • intended for large-volume filing
  • steel structure with a powder coating
  • a strong and long-lasting filing cabinet
  • there are two large drawers
  • files that are letter/legal size
  • method of safety interlock


Aurora 2-Drawer Modern File Cabinet

Completely Assembled Aurora is a sleek vertical file cabinet that would look great in any modern workplace. The black metal file cabinet with two drawers that was evaluated is also available in a variety of different colors. Aurora is sent completely constructed and ready to use. It is 25″ H x 20″ D x 15.5″ W in total. It’s simple to keep clean and maintain.


Surface that resists rust Solid metal construction is finished with an electrostatic anti-rust spraying finish. Metal runners go smoothly through both drawers. For file folder arrangement, two hanging frames are offered. Put letter-size file folders in the drawers. Even if the filing cabinet is overcrowded, the safety interlock system prevents it from tipping.

Points to Consider:

  • vertical filing cabinet, modern
  • structure made of solid metal
  • anti-rust electrostatic spraying finish
  • Included are two hanging frames.
  • smooth drawer operation
  • method of safety interlock


Vertical File Cabinet by Devaise

Devaise is a high-quality, long-lasting vertical file cabinet intended for personal usage. Except for the casters, everything comes completely constructed. The unit is 44 pounds and is 18.9″ D x 15.4″ W x 26.4″ H. Under a standard-sized office desk, this two-drawer metal file cabinet with a lock fits. A total load capacity of 330 pounds is available.


Casters that can be removed The pedestal file cabinet is made of strong and durable steel. For added stability, there are five removable casters, two lockable casters, and an anti-tip caster. Hanging bars for letter and legal-size file folders are included in both drawers. Both drawers are secured by a single lock.

Points to Consider:

  • pedestal filing cabinet in black
  • structure made of solid steel
  • Featuring five casters that can be removed
  • There are hanging bars incorporated.
  • Both drawers are secured by a single lock.


The Intergreat Lateral File Cabinet is a fantastic piece of furniture.

The Intergreat is a huge lateral file cabinet with a large capacity for high-volume filing. It’s ideal for both home and workplace use. This style comes in a contemporary white hue. It can support a total weight of 220 pounds. This white metal file cabinet with two drawers is 35.4″ wide, 28.4″ tall, and 17.7″ deep. It is necessary to assemble the item.


Files that dangle Instructions, four hanging rails, a hardware package, and a filing cabinet are all included in the package. A cold-rolled steel frame reinforces the metal structure. Approximately 300 hanging file folders may be stored in each drawer. Both drawers may be locked with a single key. Tipping is prevented via a safety interlock device.

Points to Consider:

  • lateral filing cabinet, big
  • white contemporary design
  • 220 pound maximum weight capacity
  • metal structure with reinforcements
  • there are two large drawers
  • There are four hanging rails in all.
  • method of safety interlock


Lateral File Cabinet by Sleerway

There is some assembly required. Sleerway is a huge lateral file cabinet that comes in two colors: white and black. The package contains all of the necessary hardware as well as instructions. Simply follow the directions and you’ll be able to finish it quickly. Stainless steel plates complement the sturdy steel structure. It can hold a lot of weight.


Drawers with plenty of space This spray paint file cabinet is perfect for workplace usage since it keeps your desk neat and tidy. Two roomy and deep drawers with two retractable hanging bars are included. They can hold file folders in both letter and legal sizes. With a single key, you can lock both drawers.

Points to Consider:

  • For offices, a huge lateral file cabinet is available.
  • assembly is required
  • structure made of steel
  • stainless steel plate reinforcement
  • there are two deep drawers
  • Hanging bars are included.


Lorell File Cabinet on Wheels

Cabinet for Small Files Lorell is a small-office-friendly vertical file cabinet that is both compact and space-saving. It is reasonably priced, and it is available in a variety of hues. Rust resistance and longevity are provided by the sturdy steel structure with baked enamel finish. The dimensions of the unit are 14.3″ W x 24.5″ H x 18″ D.


There are four casters. A file cabinet, full instructions, two pull handles, a key set, and four casters are included in the box. The 2-drawer mobile file cabinet has four moving rollers that enable you to move it anywhere you choose. Standard size file folders (8.5″ x 11″) fit in both drawers. Both drawers are secured with a built-in lock.

Points to Consider:

  • filing cabinet that saves space
  • a reasonable price
  • structure made of steel
  • surface that resists corrosion
  • assembly is required
  • four casters that swivel
  • built-in locking system


Red File Cabinet by Bisley

Item with a High Price Bisley is a small yet high-priced file cabinet. You may pick from a variety of hues, including the appealing cardinal red of the reviewed model. It measures 27″ in height, 17″ in depth, and 16″ in breadth and weighs 35 pounds. The all-steel structure is fully welded to provide years of reliable operation.


Drawer with a Lock This painted metal file cabinet features two large drawers that can be simply pulled out to give you complete access to your files. Each drawer can support up to 35 pounds of weight. Keep your precious and sensitive papers in the bottom drawer, which is fitted with a reliable lock mechanism.

Points to Consider:

  • high-priced filing cabinet
  • available in a variety of colors
  • cardinal red’s appealing look
  • All-steel construction that is entirely welded
  • two spacious drawers
  • The bottom drawer may be locked.


File Cabinet by Hirsh Industries

Item of Commercial Quality If you’re searching for a heavy-duty vertical file cabinet, the Hirsh Industries filing cabinet is a good option. This is a commercial-grade file cabinet made to withstand the rigors of the workplace. The model comes in three color options and comes with a limited lifetime guarantee.


Quality Control Procedures This two-drawer legal file cabinet has a depth of 26.5″, a height of 23.4″, and a width of 18″. As a result, it fits beneath a typical office desk. Hirsh has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it fulfills ANSI/BIFMA quality requirements. Two full-extension drawers with adjustable follower blocks can handle legal-size files.

Points to Consider:

  • metal file cabinet with a lot of storage
  • A limited lifetime guarantee is included.
  • commercially acceptable quality
  • two drawers with complete extension
  • includes follower blocks that may be adjusted
  • File folders up to the size of a legal pad

Two-Drawer Metal File Cabinet: What You Should Know

All of these metal file cabinets with two drawers are built to last. Continue reading to discover more about their qualities. These resources will assist you in making choices.

Consider two drawer metal file cabinet models if you wish to outfit your workplace with a small personal file cabinet. Some feature two file drawers and a box drawer for office supplies, while others have one file drawer and one box drawer. Select the model that best meets your storage requirements.

Construction of File Cabinets – As you can see, all file cabinet styles are composed of metal/steel. Metal is a tough and long-lasting material with a scratch-resistant surface. Metal file cabinets are perfect for businesses and high-demand work situations.

Vertical/Lateral – You may select between vertical and lateral file cabinets depending on your storage demands and workplace space. In summary, lateral file cabinets take up a lot of room and have broad drawers, while vertical file cabinets take up less room and have deep drawers.

Look for metal file cabinets with a lock if you’re seeking for a safe spot to keep your secret and private information. The kind of lock changes from one filing cabinet to the next. A physical lock and key is the most frequent kind. Then you’ll be able to keep your data safe.

Consider a file cabinet with casters if you want to be able to move your file cabinet around. Five casters are seen on certain mobile filing cabinets. The fifth caster provides stability and prevents the unit from tilting. Check to see whether the casters have brakes before you purchase.

The Final Word

Top-rated two-drawer metal file cabinets with robust construction and adequate storage capacity for diverse office requirements can be found here. Read the reviews on metal filing cabinets and 2-drawer file cabinets if you want to look at more durable versions. We also suggest reading our article on the best file cabinets, which includes a variety of styles.

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