How to fix error 0xc00d5212 in Windows Media Player

“Error code 0xc00d5212” is a blue screen that appears on Windows Media Player when something has gone wrong. If you get this error, the first thing to do is uninstall any add-ons or plugins for WMP and then try again. Or if all else fails, follow these steps: Restart your PC in Safe Mode with Networking (use Shift + F8 before boot), open up Task Manager and end the following processes by right clicking them and choosing “End Process”: msnmsgr
and ctlmgr
If it still doesn’t work in safe mode, refer to this article from Microsoft which describes how to fix some common errors in Windows Media Player.

The “0xc00d5212 codec download” is a problem that has been present for a while. Microsoft released an update to fix the issue, but it may not be enough.


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3rd of December, 2021

Publish date: October 2020

  • When you attempt to play AVI movies in Windows Media Player, an error message called 0xc00d5212 appears.
  • Converting the AVI video to an alternate format that Windows Media Player can play is one solution.
  • Visit our Windows Media Player section if you’re having any other issues with WMP.
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When certain Windows Media Player users attempt to play AVI films, an error message called 0xc00d5212 appears.

This object was encoded in an unsupported format, according to the error notice. 0Xc00d5212.

As a result, WMP is unable to play the video. Some people may be able to resolve the issue 0xc00d5212 by following the steps listed below.

How can I solve WMP Error 0xc00d5212?

  1. Convert the AVI file to a another format.
  2. Install the K-Lite Codec Pack.
  3. The display driver must be updated.
  4. Repair a video file that has been corrupted.
  5. VLC is used to play the video.

1. Convert the AVI video to a different file type.

  1. Visit and go to the Convert video to MP4 page.1638547861_542_How-to-fix-error-0xc00d5212-in-Windows-Media-Player
  2. To pick an AVI video that won’t play, click the Choose Files option.
  3. Choose a resolution that matches the resolution of your VDU from the Choose a Preset drop-down box.1638547863_13_How-to-fix-error-0xc00d5212-in-Windows-Media-Player
  4. Then press the Start converting button.
  5. Choose the option to download.

When the necessary codec needed to support the AVI file isn’t installed, Error 0xc00d5212 will appear. As a result, one solution is to convert the AVI video to a format that Windows Media Player would likely play.

Most media players support MP4, which is one of the most widely used video file formats.

2. Download and install the K-Lite Codec Pack.


Because error 0xc00d5212 may be caused by a codec problem, installing the all-in-one K-Lite Codec pack may help. Users may do so by going to the Contents of K-Lite Codec Pack page and clicking Download.

Then, to install the pack, run the K-Lite setup wizard. This should verify that no codecs are missing.

3. Install the latest display adapter driver.

An mismatched graphics card driver may also cause error 0xc00d5212. As a result, upgrading the display adapter’s driver could fix the problem.

The simplest method to do so is to utilize a third-party driver updater and fixer, which will scan your computer and show you which devices, if any, need to be updated.

We prefer DriverFix because it matches your hardware with the appropriate driver with a high degree of accuracy. It’s also quite light, so it’ll run on almost any computer.

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Obtain DriverFix

4. Repair a Video File That Has Been Corrupted


  1. Remo Repair AV allows users to repair corrupted AVI files.
    • On the software’s website, select Free Download (for Windows) to test out the demo version.
  2. To install the program, go to Remo Repair’s setup process.
  3. Launch Remo Repair and use the Browse button to find the AVI video you want to repair.
  4. Then, on the right, hit the Repair button.
  5. After that, viewers may examine the fixed video by selecting Preview.
    • Users may also save the video by clicking Save in the registered Remo Repair.

If the error 0xc00d5212 appears just for one AVI file, it is likely that the file is corrupted. To see whether alternative AVI films play in Windows Media Player, try them out.

5. Use VLC to see the video


VLC is a superior media player over WMP since it has more built-in codecs. As a result, it’s a much more dependable video player than Windows Media Player.

Some Windows Media Player users have also reported that their AVI films that wouldn’t play in WMP worked perfectly in VLC.

Users may get VLC for Windows 10 by going to this website and selecting Download VLC.

Users of the VLC media player can also repair damaged AVI files. So, before you go out and buy Remo Repair, see if you can repair an AVI using VLC. To do so, go to VLC > Tools > Preferences. On the left side of the Preferences box, click Input & Codecs.

On the Damaged or incomplete AVI file drop-down menu, choose Always Fix, and then Save. When consumers play the videos, VLC may correct the damaged AVI clips.

Most WMP users will be able to play AVI films after using those resolutions to solve issue 0xc00d5212. Changing to a different media player is usually the simplest and most effective option.

Windows Media Player is becoming more obsolete media player software, since Microsoft hasn’t published a new version since 2009.

  • How can I repair a codec error?

To resolve this issue, configure the player to automatically download codecs. When you attempt to play the file again, you’ll be asked to install the codec. A codec pack may also be installed.

  • What can I do if my video format isn’t supported?

Installing the appropriate codec for the video file is one option. You may also learn about software that can play practically any video file in our post.

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The “install missing codec 0xc00d5212” is a problem that has been present for a while. Microsoft has released an update to fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this code mean 0xc00d5212?

A: This is a hexadecimal number, which means it has 16 digits. In short, this code refers to the MIDI file that your computer could play.

How do I fix Windows Media Player error?

A: There are several possible reasons why Windows Media Player is crashing. If youre experiencing a problem with opening media files, try turning off any anti-virus programs or firewalls that might be causing conflicts in the system. Additionally, disabling your operating systems firewall could also help reduce problems with Windows Media Player and other media players on your computer.

How do you fix this item was encoded in a format thats not supported?

A: You would need to convert the file into a supported format, or upload it somewhere else and then download the file back.

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