How to Install 4K Kodi Addon in Leia 18.9 & Matrix 19.3?

Leia 18.9 and Matrix 19.3 are two of the most popular Kodi builds for Android TV boxes, but if you want to try them out in 4K resolution on a 4K TV then there’s more than meets the eye! This guide explains how to install Leia 18.9 or Matrix 19
19 3 with all its addons conveniently sorted into sub-folders so that it doesn’t take hours upon hours just to find where your favorite content is stored!.
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Introduction: The name ‘Exodus’ gets tossed around quite often when discussing top video streaming platforms these days, but what exactly does Exodus offer? What sets this platform apart from other services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video – not only do they have over 3 million titles available, but their library has been growing rapidly since launch! We’re going to show you step by step how easy it was for us to download our free trial account and start streaming straight away!

How to Install 4K Kodi Addon in Leia 18.9 & Matrix 19.3?

4K is a new Kodi video addon that offers a large selection of high-resolution movies and TV shows. Movies by Year, Movies Alphabetically, Movie Box-sets, Movie Genres, and TV Shows are all aspects of the addon. If you have a Real-Debrid account and want to use a Kodi addon to watch 4K material, a 4K Kodi addon is the best solution. This addon is available for download from the Narcacist Wizard Repository. The addon is also compatible with the most recent Kodi Matrix 19.3 and Leia 18.9 versions. We’ll teach you how to install the 4K Kodi addon on your FireStick, Windows, Android, Mac, Nvidia Shield, and other Kodi-compatible devices in this post.

How-to-Install-4K-Kodi-Addon-in-Leia-1894K Addon for Kodi

Why is it necessary to use a VPN with Kodi?

Kodi includes a large number of addons for various uses. Some addons are only available in certain parts of the world. Your IP address is given to your ISP when you stream, and they may simply figure out what material you’re watching. A VPN service is required to prevent these challenges and circumvent geo-restrictions. There are other VPN services available; we suggest ExpressVPN since it allows you to view your favorite content from anywhere in the globe while also providing security while using Kodi.

How to Setup the 4K Kodi Addon

It’s easy to set up the 4K Addon on Kodi. Install the addon on your Kodi-compatible devices, such as Windows, Mac, FireStick, and more, by following the steps below.

Prerequisite: On your Kodi, enable the Apps from Unknown Source option before installing any third-party addons. To do so, go to Settings > System Settings > Addons > Unknown Source > Enable.

Step 1: Open the Settings menu on your Kodi Media Player.

Step 2: In the settings box, choose File Manager.

Step 3: Next, from the left-hand menu on the screen, choose Add Source.

Step 4: Select the choice and press the OK key.

Step 5: Click the OK button after typing in the 4K Addon Repo URL:

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Step 6: Click the OK button after entering the Narcacist’s name.

Step 7: Double-check that the information you provided is accurate, then click the OK button.

Step 8: Return to Kodi’s home screen and choose the Addons option.

Step 9: Go to the upper left corner of your Kodi program and open the Package Installer.

Step 10: Select the option to install from a zip file.

Step 11: A pop-up window will appear; just pick the Narcissist.

Step 12: Open the 4K Repo zip file repository by clicking on it. Click the OK button after downloading

Step 13: Wait a few minutes for the Repository to download and install on your device. A pop-up will appear in the upper right corner of the screen when it is finished.

Step 14: Select Install from Repository from the drop-down menu.

Step 15: Select the Narcacist Wizard Repository from the list of available repositories.

Step 16: To access it, click Video Addons.

Step 17: Now, from the list of video extensions, choose 4K.

Step 18: To install 4K Addon on Kodi, click the Install option.

Step 19: A pop-up window will appear, listing all requirements and addons. Simply click OK to install them.

That’s all; your Kodi-enabled devices are now ready to stream your favorite media.

Wrap Up

The 4K Kodi Addon is ideal for watching UHD material on Kodi. The addon contains a good selection of movies that can be searched by year, genre, and other criteria. Integrating the addon with your Real-Debrid and Trakt accounts will help you get the most out of it. We hope this tutorial was helpful in getting the 4K Kodi addon installed. This method applies to all Kodi-compatible devices, including FireStick, Windows, Android, Mac, Nvidia Shield, Mi Box, and others.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions about this.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add 4K addons to Kodi?

A: There are two ways to add 4k addons such as HD PVR, Netflix and more. One way is by using a VPN which hides your location so that you can access content not available in your country or region legally. The second method of doing this is adding the repository, then installing from there; however, if you already have Kodi on your device or computer (this includes jailbroken devices) it will be installed with these repositories built into its default settings meaning that theyre ready to go from their respective repos when needed!

How do I add 18.7 addons to Kodi?

A: To add 18.7 addon on Kodi, connect to your VPN server and use the following commands in a terminal or command prompt window.
1) add-ons
2) Select the builds folder
3) select repository.firestickrepo from that list of builds
4) Select 1-click install for DNS blocking – this will automatically block ad content in 18+ movies/shows when using third party applications like VLC Media Player (or any application on which you can play media files).

How do I put addons on Kodi Firestick?

A: To install addons on Kodi, go to the home screen and select Add-Ons from the left hand menu. Find and click on Install from Repository > Smash repo > Video addons.