How to Turn On Philips TV without Remote Control? [Updated Guide 2021]

A TV remote control is a must-have in the 21st century, but with technology constantly evolving and many brands changing their products or merging together, it can be difficult to find one. Here’s how you can turn on your Philips TV without the need for a remote control.

The “how to turn on philips tv without remote or power button” is a question that has been asked many times in the past. The TV must be turned on by using the remote control, or pressing the power button.

How to Turn On Philips TV without Remote Control? [Updated Guide 2021]

Turn on Philips TV without a Remote: Smart TVs are one of the most popular smart streaming devices in recent years. It enables you to do more than simply watch your favorite shows; it also allows you to do some smart activities. When you connect smart TVs to the internet, you may install applications, stream several web channels, and watch movies.

In general, when it comes to smart TV companies, Philips is one of the most storied names in the industry. Philips is a multinational firm that began manufacturing in 1891 and has a significant market share.

Philips has a solid reputation in the consumer electronics industry. Every smart TV owner may sometimes experience the problem of misplacing the remote. It may eventually stop operating at times when we need it the most.

If you’re looking for a way to switch on your Philips TV without using the remote, this article will show you how. 


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Is it possible to turn on a Philips television without using a remote control?

Even without a remote, there are a few other ways to switch on your Philips TV. Philips’ smart TV, like every other smart TV manufacturer, has a distinct look. We are all convinced that all smart TVs will have physical buttons.

They will, of course, assist us in controlling some immediate tasks on our smart TV. A smart TV’s physical buttons are usually found on the rear or at the bottom of the screen. Clearly, similar physical buttons can be seen on the rear of Philips TVs near the HDMI ports.

These buttons will be more recognizable to Philips smart TV users. You can only access particular functionality with those buttons. Instead, continue reading the post below if you’re seeking for a way to get additional access to your smart TV. 

How to Turn on a Philips TV Without Using the Remote

Smart TV makers, as I often say, are masters of foresight. Especially when it comes to their clients. As a result, they are highly certain that we will misplace or damage the remote controllers.

How-to-Turn-On-Philips-TV-without-Remote-Control-UpdatedWhat is the best way to turn on a Philips TV without using the remote?

So, with their smart TVs, they’ve also provided a way to switch on our TV if we misplace the remote control. The main controls for having total access to our TV are, first and foremost, TV remotes.


However, it would be a big tragedy if the remote is lost or does not function. In such circumstances, we will undoubtedly be out of mind. We’ve compiled a list of the best ways to switch on your Philips TV without a remote. 

  • Using the Philips TV remote application
  • Making use of physical buttons

Using the Philips TV Remote App to Turn on a Philips TV Without a Remote

With the advancement of technology, everything is now feasible. Smart TV manufacturers have devised a way to alleviate the problem: the smart remote app.

Many smart TV companies, of course, offer their own smart remote app to manage their TV. Philips, on the other hand, offers an app called Philips TV remote app.

The all-in-one app that lets you operate your smart TV even if you don’t have the original remote. It does, after all, have two modes. WIFI mode and Infrared mode are the two options.

In general, you may use any approach to connect the app to your smart TV. Is it even possible? You may find out by following the procedures outlined below. 

Mode Infrared

To operate your smart home appliances, you may use an IR blaster or select smartphones with built-in IR blasters. Use the procedure outlined below if your smartphone has such a feature.

Step 1:

The Philips TV remote app is available for download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Step 2:

Connect your smart TV and the app to the same WIFI network.

Step 3:

To turn on your Philips smart TV, point the app at it and push the power button.

Step 4:

If the connection is successful, you may use the original remote to switch on and off your smart TV.


There’s no need to worry if your smartphone doesn’t have an IR blaster. Here’s another way to use the same app to switch on your Philips TV. Using the WIFI capability on your smartphone, you may link the app to your smart TV. The steps to completing it effectively are as follows.

Step 1:

On your smartphone, launch the Philips TV remote app.

Step 2:

Ascertain that your smartphone and smart TV are both linked to the same wireless network.

Step 3:

To connect the app to the Philips TV through WiFi, follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 4:

After you’ve linked the app to your Philips TV, you may use the power button on the app to turn it on.


On a Philips TV, where is the power button?

It’s near the HDMI ports on your Philips television.

How can I increase the volume on my Philips TV without using the remote?

You may either use the physical button on your TV or the Philips smart TV app to do so.


Finally, I’d like to say a few things regarding Philips TV and its usability. On the rear of the Philips TV, there are physical buttons. That is certainly something you can use in an emergency.

Install the Philips TV remote app from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and link it to your smart TV if you want greater capabilities. I

I hope the above-mentioned solutions have given you a clear understanding of how to switch on Philips TV without a remote. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn on my Philips TV without a remote?

A: The remote has to be within range of your TV in order for it to work.

Where is the power button on my Philips TV?

A: The power button on your TV is located where the remote would be. Its either at the top, or bottom of it.

Does Philips TV have a power button?

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