How to Screenshot on Mac Without Keyboard (Answered!)

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The “how to screenshot without keyboard mac” is a question that has been asked many times before. The answer is quite simple, you can use the mouse and the trackpad on your Mac.

How to Screenshot on Mac Without Keyboard (Answered!)

Many people prefer to utilize keyboard shortcuts because they feel they are more handy and faster than figuring out how to screenshot manually. When a keyboard is broken, damaged, or missing, a manual screenshot is required.

On a Mac without a keyboard, users may utilize the magnifying glass at the top right of the menu bar to start Search with a spotlight and take a screenshot. Then type “Screenshot” into the search box and hit the Screenshot button. The user will then be able to choose the part of the screen they wish to record.

There are several ways to take a screenshot on a Mac without using a keyboard. Additionally, users may screenshot using a non-Mac keyboard while still being able to utilize keyboard shortcuts. Continue reading to learn more about taking screenshots without a Mac keyboard.

Search with a spotlight

If you don’t have a keyboard, using Spotlight Search is probably the easiest way to take a screenshot. Because shortcuts aren’t possible, Spotlight Search is the best alternative.

All users have to do is tap the magnifying glass at the upper right of the menu bar to start the Spotlight Search. The proper option should display once you search for “Screenshot.”

When users use the Screenshot button, they will be able to choose the part of the screen they wish to record.

Grab App

Another simple approach to screenshot a picture on a Mac without using the keyboard is to use the Grab software. This program is pre-installed on a Macbook, making it both free and simple to locate. Many people are unaware they have it until something goes wrong with their keyboard.

One of the benefits of the Grab program is that it does not need any keyboard shortcuts, which is one of the reasons why so many people choose to use it.

Because the Grab app is preloaded, users may use Spotlight Search or Finder to manually locate it.

Spotlight Search

Hover the mouse over the top of the Mac screen to utilize Spotlight Search. After that, the menu bar should display. The magnifying glass icon in the upper right of the menu bar, between the battery and the control center display, is where you’ll find Spotlight Search. Select the magnifying glass by clicking on it. After that, a search bar will appear in the centre of your screen. Search for “grab” and choose “Screenshot” from the results.


The Finder is in charge of arranging files, apps, documents, and other items. It allows you to organize and save files in a logical manner, and it’s also where you’ll find the Grab program. Select Finder and then “Applications” from the drop-down menu. Next, look for “Grab,” which should show up under the term “Screenshot.”

How to Screenshot on Mac Without Keyboard (Answered!)

The results will be the same whether you use Spotlight Search or Finder. There are three screenshot possibilities once the program is launched. Capturing the specified window, capturing a piece of the screen, or capturing the full screen are all choices. The software will start on the ‘capture the full screen’ option by default, so users will have to change it to the one they like.

Additionally, this program allows users to capture their full screen or a specific piece of it. This means users may select between screenshotting and screen-recording, whichever is most expedient.

When using Grab to take a screenshot, there is an options tab that may be chosen. When you hit the button, a screen with three headers appears: Save to, Timer, and Options.

Users may pick where they want their screenshot to be stored under the “Save to” section, which has seven options:

  • Desktop
  • Documents
  • Clipboard
  • Mail
  • Messages
  • Preview
  • Other Places

Users may choose a timer of 0, 5, or 10 seconds under the “Timer” section.

Users may choose whether or not to display the floating thumbnail, retain the previous selection, or show the mouse pointer under the “Options” section.

Help with the Menu Bar

Even without a keyboard, taking a screenshot on a Mac may be straightforward. However, certain users need further information. As a result, the Help option on the Menu Bar is the best place to go for further information. If a user has never taken a screenshot before or needs a fast reminder, they may turn to the macOS User Guide for assistance.

Hover the pointer over the top of the screen to access Help on the Menu Bar. After that, the Menu Bar should display, including the Help button on the left-hand side of the screen. Users should click this button, then type “screenshot” into the search box, and then choose the relevant option under Help Topics.

The macOS User Guide will go through how to capture a screenshot on a Mac in great detail. This tutorial will show you how to capture a screenshot using a keyboard and without one. While there are a variety of keyboard shortcuts available, users who do not have access to a keyboard may learn how to capture a screenshot manually.

Using a Windows Keyboard to Screenshot on a Mac

Many people are startled to hear that Macs can use Windows keyboard shortcuts. Users will, however, need to learn which keys to press and which shortcuts work with the Macbook.

How to Screenshot on Mac Without Keyboard (Answered!)

Users should utilize the following keyboard shortcut when screenshotting on a Mac with a Windows keyboard: Shift + 3 + Windows This key combination will capture a snapshot of the full screen, not just a section of it or a single window.

Pressing Windows + Shift + 4 on a Mac is another way to take a screenshot using a Windows keyboard. These keys are a shortcut that allows you to customize your experience. Instead of snapping a photo of the full screen, users may choose to capture the entire screen, a piece of the screen, or a specific window using this shortcut.

These shortcuts are easy to remember and will enable you to take a screenshot even if you don’t have a Mac keyboard. The only difference between Mac and Windows shortcuts is that instead of clicking Command on a Mac keyboard, you press the Windows button.

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How to screenshot on Mac without keyboard? If you are looking for a way to take screenshots on your Mac, then the article below will show you how. Reference: how to screenshot on mac with windows keyboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you screenshot on a Mac without a Mac keyboard?

A: One way to screenshot on a Mac is to use the Command, Shift and 4 keys along with your mouse.

How do you manually take a screenshot on a Mac?

A: You can use the command Shift-Command-4 to take a screenshot of your desktop.

How do I screenshot without function keys?

A: To screenshot on the PlayStation 4, you can use the Share button to take a picture of your game.

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